A Message To Our Members

As we begin another week of life under the reality of COVID-19, we wanted to take a moment to reach out to our members to offer our appreciation, and our support.

APGO members play an important role not only in providing patient care during this time, but also of mentoring, supporting and preparing the future physician workforce. Our hearts are with you during this most challenging situation, and we are inspired by your efforts. We were heartened to watch your virtual Match Day celebrations with and on behalf of your students and were gratified to have the opportunity to cast a positive look toward the future.

The APGO staff is working its typical schedule, albeit in a remote capacity, and is committed to keeping the organization on track. A COVID-19 Resources for Clerkship Directors and Students page has been created and will be updated regularly. In addition a Clerkship Directors Listserv was launched to provide a means for Clerkship Directors to communicate directly to share information and resources. Please reach out to staff directly, or contact Molly Georgakis or the general mailbox at apgoadmin@apgo.org to let us know how we can further assist you.

We are humbled by the work of our members and thank you for your continued clinical and educational activities on the front lines. If we can do anything to support you, please let us know.

Hoping for continued good health for you and all you hold dear,

Nadine T. Katz, MD                              Molly Georgakis, CAE
APGO President                                    APGO Executive Director