About PrepforRes

The APGO Preparation for Ob-Gyn Residency Knowledge Assessment Tool is an interactive, web-based examination to measure the didactic knowledge of incoming ob-gyn interns based on the ACGME level 1 milestones. Institutions have also been using this Tool for their boot camp/residency preparation. The exam is available to medical schools and residency programs through an annual subscription to the APGO uWISE program.
PrepforRes questions updated April 2019

Exam features:

  • 100 multiple-choice questions have been designed to assess incoming residents’ knowledge in obstetrics, gynecology and office practice.
  • Participants have 120 minutes to complete the assessment
  • Participants may take the exam as many times as they wish.
  • Participants will receive their score immediately following completion of the assessment
  • Assessment results are broken down into each sub-competency to reflect potential areas of deficiency, providing residency program directors with a baseline summary of incoming interns’ knowledge levels.

PrepforRes Topics and Question Count:

Abdominal/Pelvic Pain (8 questions)
Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (8 questions)
Accountability and Responsiveness to the Needs of Patients, Society, etc ( 1 question)
Ambulatory Gynecology (20 questions)
Antepartum Care (18 questions)
Compassion, Integrity and Respect for Others (1 question)
Cost-effective Care and Patient Advocacy (3 questions)
Family Planning (6 questions)
First Trimester Bleeding (7 questions)
Gynecology Technical Skills: Endoscopy (1 question)
Gynecology Technical Skills: Laparotomy (2 questions)
Gynecology Technical Skills: Vaginal Surgery (2 questions)
Health Care Maintenance and Disease Prevention (7 questions)
Immediate Care of the Newborn (1 question)
Informed Consent and Shared Decision Making (1 question)
Intrapartum Care (14 questions)
Non-Reproductive Medical Disorders (3 questions)
Patient Safety and Systems Approach to Medical Errors (1 question)
Pelvic Floor Disorders (5 questions)
Pelvic Mass (5 questions)
Peri-operative Care (1 question)
Postpartum Care (7 questions)
Respect of Privacy, Autonomy and Patient-Physician Relationship (1 question)
Self-Directed Learning/Critical Appraisal of Medical Literature (2 questions)