Recent CLC and APGO Collaborations

The CLC and the APGO Board of Directors work collaboratively on projects which fulfill the goals of APGO and the corporate entities represented by CLC members, and improve women’s health education. The following is a list of recent CLC projects:

  • Expanded Medical Student and Resident Outreach Program at the 2016 and 2017 CREOG & APGO Annual Meetings
  • Medical Student and Resident Breakfast Plenary Session at the 2015 CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting –  Practicing Safe Synergy: Ethically Interacting with Industry
  • Updated Interactions with Industry: A Medical Student Guide. Members of the CLC, in collaboration with the APGO Board of Directors and Development Committee, updated the content in the popular online educational module for medical students and their faculty to teach them the value and importance of conducting ethical and responsible interactions with industry. This module is open to all users who visit
  • The creation of a Policy on Ob-Gyn Educators’ Ethical and Responsible Interactions with Industry. In light of current inconsistencies in industry interaction policy across academic institutions and the growing importance of this topic in licensing exams, the APGO CLC and Board of Directors has developed a benchmark for institutions to look upon as an example of how to conduct ethical and responsible relationships with industry.