Committees and Task Forces

APGO has several committees and task forces that work to organize all aspects of the APGO’s efforts, including fundraising, endowments and undergraduate medical education. To get involved or for more information about committee objectives email the APGO office.

APGO Corporate Liaison Council
The Corporate Liaison Council (CLC) collaborates with industry leaders to ensure that APGO stays on top of evolving trends in women’s health. This is a dues-based membership with an annual renewal, and is open to corporations with an interest in women’s healths that aspire to the CLC mission and would benefit from collaboration with ob-gyn academia.

APGO Development Committee
The APGO Development Committee, formed in 2007, provides grants for new project initiatives, raises unrestricted funds for identified and unidentified projects, and spearheads liaison activities with the APGO Corporate Liaison Council (CLC).

APGO Finance and Audit Committee
This committee oversees the APGO operational budget, investment and policy management, and endowment asset management.

APGO Nominating Committee
This committee annually reviews and submits one nominee for each vacant elective office on the APGO Board of Directors in accordance with the APGO bylaws. The committee is always chaired by the APGO immediate past-president with members that serve a two-year term.

CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting Program Committee
This committee plans the CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting program.

APGO Undergraduate Medical Education Committee
The Undergraduate Medical Education Committee (UMEC) was established in 1965. It focuses on faculty development and innovative teaching methods for medical education, provides services to departments with respect to undergraduate education programs, sponsors and implements faculty motivational and developmental programs, proposes minimum knowledge and skill requirements for undergraduates, identifies, develops and evaluates content of learning materials and testing instruments, and promotes production of quality instructional materials.

APGO Educational Research & Scholarship Committee
The Educational Research & Scholarship Committee works to improve the quantity and quality of disseminated scholarly research in women’s health medical education, to set the agenda for educational research in ob-gyn, and to emphasize value-based education.

APGO Testing & Self-Assessment Committee
This committee’s responsibilities include writing questions for uWise and the Preparation for Residency exams as well as applying innovative technologies to develop new forms of self-assessment.

APGO Diversity & Inclusion Committee
This committee on diversity and inclusion will help to define the diversity of our organization and evaluate our diversity policies. The committee will identify ways to engage underrepresented groups in leadership roles. Develop recommendations to allow broader participation of all our members in programs, activities, and leadership roles, and provide recommendations for the development of resources related to cultural competency. In 2016 this committee took on the charge to increase global health efforts in aiding learners and educators involved in global health as well as learners in developing countries.

APGO Academic Scholars & Leaders Advisory Committee
Members of this advisory task force plan and execute the APGO Academic Scholars & Leaders Program.  The 15-month Academic Scholars and Leaders Program serves to improve ob-gyn education by offering motivated faculty the skills they need to enhance all aspects of scholarship and leadership.

APGO Surgical Education Scholars Advisory Committee
Members of this advisory committee plan and execute the APGO Surgical Education Scholars Program. The 18-month Surgical Education Scholars Program teaches ob-gyn faculty how to develop and implement surgical education curricula at their home institutions and prepares them to conduct multi-institutional research and validation of surgical education methodologies.

APGO Awards Selection Committee
This committee selects the recipients of APGO’s endowment awards.

Joint CREOG & APGO Task Force
This task force meets annually at the CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting to discuss areas of interest to both organizations.

Medical Education Clinical Coordinators of Obstetrics and Gynecology (MECCOG) has been recognized by the Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics (APGO) as a committee of the association.