Our Mission and Values

APGO’s Value Proposition:
Inspire leadership and achievement of professional educators who train and influence medical students, residents and fellows on women’s health care.

APGO’s Brand Promise:
We promise to provide our members exceptional experiences, a collaborative community, and essential resources that make you and your institution more successful.

APGO’s Vision:
To be the global leader for improving women’s health through education.

APGO’s Mission:
To promote excellence in women’s health care by providing optimal resources and support to educators who inspire, instruct, develop, and empower women’s health care providers to improve the quality of life for all women.

APGO’s Core Values:

  • Commitment to teachers and teaching
  • Passion for excellence in women’s health care education
  • Collaboration among professionals
  • Innovation in educational tools, resources, and techniques
  • Maintain the following core competencies; medical knowledge, patient care, professionalism, interpersonal communication, practice-based learning: personal improvement, system-based practice: system improvement.