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Case-Based Curriculum for Milestone 1

The Case-Based Curriculum for Milestone 1, written by members of APGO’s 2016-2018 Undergraduate Medical Education Committee (UMEC), offers a curriculum that can be used in various teaching settings. While specifically designed for organizing a Transitions to Residency Course for post-clerkship students entering obstetrics and gynecology, components of the Milestone 1 curriculum can also be used in a core or longitudinal clinical clerkship or post-clerkship elective interactive conference, as an OSCE for end of clerkship assessment, or as an assessment prior to starting a residency in obstetrics and gynecology. The interactive cases allow educators to develop lesson plans based on the currently published specialty specific Milestones from the ACGME as well as the Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) developed by the AAMC.

There are 5 cases that together cover all of Milestone 1 as well as all EPAs. You can view an entire case in total, or you can use individual tasks (each with an educator checklist) related to a case as you see fit. You can use any of the individual tasks and associated educator checklists for a clinical assessment or for an OSCE, and you can add in your own videos or resources showing different techniques or surgeries where applicable. Another added feature is a filter search where you can select an individual EPA or a single Milestone and locate where it is addressed within the cases. Minimum competency was not set on educator checklists or evaluations, allowing educators to establish this based on the level of the student and educational setting. We hope you find this curriculum helpful and useful in teaching your students.

The technology behind this curriculum is sponsored in part by APGO Corporate Liaison Council member

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