CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting Badge Request Form

By clicking on the “Accept” button below, I certify that the persons named in this form are current employees or representatives of this organization, and are eligible to attend the exhibit, which we will maintain at the CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting. I agree that violation of the rules governing the use of exhibitor’s badges and other devices used by any of our certified representatives to obtain admittance to the exhibit areas for person(s) not qualified to attend the annual meeting represents just cause for expulsion of such representatives from the meeting, barring them from further entrance to the exhibit areas or for removal of our exhibit from the meeting. I agree, further, that this company shall be responsible for the activities of all of the following persons while they are in attendance at the meeting.

Further, I understand that our Exhibit Badges will be printed EXACTLY as I type them in this form.

Please contact Marianne Poe, APGO Deputy Director of Development, by phone at (410) 451-9563 or email at for any questions or concerns.