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Partnering at the intersections: Incorporate Reproductive Justice into your curriculum!

Objective/Background: Reproductive justice (RJ) highlights the need to advocate for a
woman’s right to have a child, not have a child, and parent the children they have, and provides a
conceptual framework for understanding the inequalities that exist in reproductive healthcare. In this
workshop, we will introduce the concept of reproductive justice and discuss how it can fulfill EPA’s and
milestones related to diversity and health care disparities, augment learner understanding of social
determinants of health and provide an outlet for student advocacy. Participants will have the
opportunity to reflect on how RJ is relevant in their health care setting, brainstorm ways to involve
learners in identifying RJ issues, and evidence-based strategies for forming partnerships to develop and
deliver an RJ curriculum.
Workshop Agenda; Interactive components in italics:
• Introduction to RJ: 10m
• Brainstorm: Where are opportunities to incorporate RJ in your curriculum? 5m
• Examples:
o RJ on L&D: birth justice: 5m
o RJ for residents: developing curricula: 5m
o RJ for medical students: longitudinal curriculum across clerkships: 5m
• Small group activity: applying vignettes to diverse teaching settings: 15m
• Large group: debrief of above activity: 15m
• Take-home points: 5m
Product: Participants will come away with a working understanding of RJ, tools for incorporating RJ
concepts into their curriculum, and strategies for building community partnerships to strengthen and
validate the curriculum.

Topics: Advocacy, Public Health, UME, CME, Interpersonal & Communication Skills, Systems-Based Practice & Improvement, Patient Care, Residency Director, Clerkship Director, Faculty, Resident, 2018, Faculty Development Seminar,

General Information

Resident,Faculty,Clerkship Director,Residency Director,
Patient Care,Systems-Based Practice & Improvement,Interpersonal & Communication Skills,
Public Health,Advocacy,
Clinical Focus

Author Information

Sabrina Holmquist MD, MPH   Charisse Loder MD, MSc   Tiffany Bell MPH, MS 3

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