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Beyond Moonstones and Rose Quartz: Patient Interest in Fertility Awareness-Based Methods

Background: FABMs can be used to educate women to achieve or avoid pregnancy and monitor heath. Previous studies indicate that up to 40% of women are interested in using FABMs for family planning; however, no studies were found to assess whether women are interested in FABMs to increase self-awareness or monitor health.


Methods: A cross-sectional survey was administered to women presenting for reproductive care at the Lowe Foundation Center for Women’s Preventative Health Care and UT Southwestern’s Maple Clinic, a private and public clinic respectively (N=664). 444 participants anonymously completed the questionnaire for a response rate of 67%.  Data was analyzed.


Results: Of the survey respondents, 45% (n=199) were from Maple Clinic and 55% (n=245) were from the private clinic. 62% of the women surveyed (n=275) indicated an interest in learning more about an FABM. Of those interested, 34% specified a desire to learn more about their body, 31% preferred to learn in order to avoid pregnancy, 28% for monitoring health, and 22% for achieving pregnancy. 50% of those interested (n=138) would prefer asynchronous educational methods such as online lessons.


Discussions: This study suggests that women in both public and private clinics are interested in learning about FABMs for more than just family planning. Online resources may be a reasonable approach to begin educating patients. 


Keywords: Community Health, Cultural Diversity/Cultural Competency, Teaching Skills, Underserved Communities, Other

Topics: General Ob-Gyn, Contraception or Family Planning, Advocacy, Public Health, UME, GME, Medical Knowledge, Patient Care, Faculty, Resident, Student, 2017, CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting,

General Information

Patient Care,Medical Knowledge,
Public Health,Advocacy,
Clinical Focus
Contraception or Family Planning,General Ob-Gyn,

Author Information

Ashley Stone, MD, UT Austin Dell Medical School; Olivia Philpot, Medical Student

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