Effective Student Advising Series

Welcome to the new APGO Effective Student Advising Series! Advising medical students on a career in women’s health can be one of the most fulfilling things that a medical educator does. However, it can also be a daunting task, and many physicians find themselves in the role of faculty advisor without any formal background or training in advising. The APGO Effective Student Advising Series pamphlets are intended to educate medical educators and learners about best practices for advising medical students on a career in women’s health.

The APGO Effective Student Advising Series pamphlets were written by the APGO Undergraduate Medical Education Committee (UMEC). They are formatted as easy-to-read PDFs and are available for free downloading for APGO members.

Topics include:

1) Year by Year Path to Residency Application

2) Building a Better Mentor-Mentee Relationship

3) What Makes a Student a Good Fit for Ob-Gyn?

4) Advising 4th-Year Students for a Successful Ob-Gyn Match

5) How to Guide Your Student to an Outstanding CV

6) Writing the Personal Statement

7) Writing Residency Letters of Recommendation

8) Guide Your Students to a Great Interview

9) Frequently Asked Questions