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As a Resident you can become a member of APGO and enjoy access to all of the APGO member educational resources for free. Residents receive a generous discount on membership dues. Want to join APGO?

Basic Clinical Skills Curriculum Member Benefit – This resource is a member benefit but can be purchased through the shop (above link)Want to join APGO?
The Basic Clinical Skills Curriculum Teaching Modules, written by members of APGO’s Undergraduate Medical Education Committee (UMEC), offer a complete guide for teaching Endometriosis_Buttonbasic clinical and surgical skills to third-year ob-gyn medical students. The skills highlighted on this site are based on recommendations from the AAMC Project on the Clinical Education of Medical Students and a review of current published curricular guides.

Career Development in Academic Medicine: Your Journey to Success
A valuable resource regardless of specialty or career stage, this publication offers guidance for physicians considering a career in academic medicine, for medical school faculty contemplating career direction and for medical school administrators seeking advice on how to establish and nurture excellent faculty at their institutions. The third edition of Career Development was published in March 2012 and is available in digital edition in the APGO Shop (above link).

Effective Preceptor Series PDFs and Companion Videos
Member Benefit  — This resource is a member benefit but can be purchased through the shop (above link). Want to join APGO?

  • Non-members can gain access to the pamphlets, companion videos and post-test to earn 1.5 CMEs by purchasing the Effective Preceptor Series Subscription in the APGO Shop for $150.
  • Group discounts are available for member institutions for use by residents and community based faculty.  Contact the APGO office for pricing.
  • Members can access this resource free of charge. Complete the post-test to earn 1.5 CMEs for just $20 by purchasing access from the APGO Shop

These 12 handy pamphlets and new Companion Videos provide preceptors with practical tools for teaching and evaluating students.

1) Introduction to Preceptorship
2) Providing Educational Feedback
3) Asking the Difficult Questions in a Patient Encounter Provides Great Teaching Opportunities
4) The Preceptor and the Curriculum
5) What To Do Before the Learners Arrive
6) Using the Five Microskills to Improve Teaching in the Ambulatory Setting
7) Learner-Centered Education
8) The Hidden Curriculum: What Are You Teaching?
9) The Preceptor and Cultural Competence
10) Faculty Development for the Community-Based Preceptor: Enhancement of Teaching Skills
11) Effective Operating Room Teaching
12) Using the Electronic Medical Record to Precept Medical Students

New! APGO Medical Student Educational Objectives, 11th Edition for Faculty
Now with HSS and EPA mapping, the 11th edition of the APGO Medical Student Educational Objectives (MSOs) outlines the core women’s health knowledge, skills and attitudes that are fundamental to the practice of a general physician and are intended to provide clerkship directors, faculty and students with a resource for curriculum development, teaching and learning.
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*Students have free access to the PDF, Teaching Cases, and Log book through the Student Resources Page.

APGO Educational Series on Women’s Health Issues New Modules Now Available!
Online access to our Educational Series on Women’s Health Issues is part of our continuing commitment to expand the body of knowledge to educators, and preventive and primary health care providers. The online modules in the series include monograph and lecture presentations, case studies, downloadable PowerPoint slides with complete notes and references, and self-running presentations with audio and video components. Access to these modules is free to APGO members and Women’s Healthcare Providers and/or Educators.

Teaching Tips
Gathered from the teaching practices of our dedicated and skilled membership, this list of teaching tips offers guidance for a variety of settings and scenarios, and offers useful, easy-to-implement techniques that deliver big impact without a big investment.