uWISE Uses and Format

Your school must subscribe to this resource in order for you to gain access, please contact your clerkship administrator to receive the link if your school has an active subscription (you will need to launch this link every time you access uWISE).  If you school does not have a subscription and you wish to purchase an individual student subscription, please click here.

uWISE Uses
There are several ways for students and faculty to utilize the uWISE questions:


  • Pre self-assessment prior to a didactic session on a specific topic;
  • Post self-assessment after a didactic session;
  • Practice questions prior to the shelf or department exam;
  • Practice questions prior to Step II USMLE CK exam;
  • Increase knowledge base through feedback provided.

Faculty, including clerkship directors

  • Become more familiar with the APGO Objectives;
  • Use clinical vignettes for discussion at didactic sessions;
  • Identify weak areas in the curriculum, by topic;
  • Compare performance among students and national mean, by topic.

uWISE is also an excellent tool to prepare for the NBME ob-gyn subject exam and national licensure examinations.

uWISE Format
The uWISE clinical vignette questions are multiple-choice with five (5) possible answers and immediate explanation and feedback. Some questions are enhanced with images to augment the learning process.

uWISE questions are based on, and linked to, the 11th edition of the APGO Medical Student Educational Objectives. Each quiz represents one APGO Objective and contains 10 questions for each Objective.

Please note: There are no quizzes associated with Objectives 1, 2, 4 or 5.

To Obtain Quiz and Test Results, Do Any or All of the Following:

  • Track progress under the My Learning tab.
  • Print the results as you go, page by page.
  • Print Quiz Results page after each quiz.
  • Students are emailed at the end of quiz and test their score.
  • Students are able to download a Summary Report at the end of each quiz and test.
  • Students are able to download a Transcript Report.
  • The uWISE Administrator (usually the Clerkship Administrator/ Director and/or Coordinator) has access to run results reports.

Please note: The uWISE quizzes are copyrighted and may not be used to create specialized tests within an institution. The uWISE questions and/or quizzes may not be printed, copied, altered or utilized in any way other than in their present online format.